March Election Results

The current set of board members were re-elected for another term. They are: Carl Ewing (African American Garden), Dodzia Krislaty (Ukrainian Garden), George Terbrack (Slovak Garden) and Svetlana Stolyarova (Russian Garden). All of these board members were active, took on responsibilities and were hard working Executive Board members.

Also approved were few changes to the CCGF Constitution. These include creation of the position of “Immedate Past President” to benefit from the wealth of experiance such person has gained. Also several required forms were added to comply with IRS.

At the February 2015 meeting the Executive Board adopted several changes to the By-Laws. These were deemed needed to accomplish the mission of the Federation. The updates include:

Meeting attendance is a primary responsibility of gardens delegates! Garden not represented at minimum of 4 general membership meetings (there are 6 annually) will not be eligible for Holden Parks Trust grants. Garden not represented in at least 2 such meeting will not be eligible to vote starting in 2016.

Elections: voting by mail was discontinued. Delegates are urged to attend meetings, especially the March elections.

Some measures previously adopted were also included in this revision. It should be apparent that the Executive Board is concerned about the garden participation in meetings and all events including our traditional One World Day and the upcoming celebration of the centennial in 2016!

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