A Call for Help…

Vintage postcard of the British Cultural Garden or how it was originally called Shakespeare Garden in 1916.

The British Cultural Garden could use some help.

Originally inaugurated by Leo Weidenthal, Shakespeare Garden was the seed that eventually led to the formation of the Cultural Gardens. Dedicated in 1916, the Shakespeare bust and the Shakespeare Garden (now the British Cultural Garden) were dedicated as part of a celebration that stretched across the world. Cities and nations located within Britain’s sphere of colonial influence, including its former colonies, erected monuments, planted gardens, and held celebrations commemorating the bard’s death.

Next year the Cultural Gardens Of Cleveland and The British Cultural Garden will celebrate their 100th year Anniversary!!!

The British Cultural Garden is preparing for it’s centennial and needs volunteers to help beautify it.
If you can kindly donate some time, please contact….
Mary Hamlin, Coordinator for Cultural Gardens Tours and Speakers also the British Garden Delegate… You may contact her at mwhamlin@adelphia.net

Phone #(216) 321-7807

Also from Susan Perrin ·….
You can also contact the Daughters of the British Empire in Ohio on their Facebook page.

Together we can bring back the British Cultural Garden to it’s glorious beauty again and make history!! The Garden needs our help NOW!! Thank you!

The British Cultural Garden in 1935... originally called the Shakespeare Garden
The British Cultural Garden in 1935… originally called the Shakespeare Garden
Shakespeare Garden
Shakespeare Garden
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