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The Cultural Gardens are located within the City of Cleveland’s Rockefeller Park. The oldest and largest Gardens are along East Boulevard. from St. Clair Avenue on the north to Superior Avenue on the south. The more recent Gardens lie along Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard and start just north of St. Clair and continue to Superior Avenue at the southern end. An exception is the Chinese Garden, also along MLK, but located half way between Chester Avenue and East 105th Street, across from the Cleveland Museum of Art’s Wade Park Lagoon.

The Gardens extend roughly 1.5 miles on both levels, so a complete walk around the Gardens would be three miles in length. From the highways, the easiest way to drive to the Cultural Gardens is to take I-90/Route 2 (the East Shoreway), exit at the Cultural Gardens, and proceed south. If you’re coming from either East Boulevard or the Wade Oval area near the art museum, there are several access roads to the lower level of the Gardens (MLK Boulevard).  There are parking spaces along MLK and East Boulevard.


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