Are there other Gardens like the Cleveland Cultural Gardens?

No.  The Cleveland Cultural Gardens are unique in the world.

Where are the Cleveland Cultural Gardens?

The Cleveland Cultural Gardens are part of Rockefeller Park, right off of the East Shoreway. View our Visit the Gardens page to learn more.

The Gardens extend roughly 1.5 miles on both MLK and East Boulevards, so a complete walk around the Gardens would be about three miles (if you walked in straight lines!).

How do I get to the Cleveland Cultural Gardens?

From the East Shoreway (Rte 90 – east or west bound)  take the Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard exit.  View our Visit the Gardens page to learn more.

Where do I park?

If you are visiting the Gardens on a day without a major event like One World Day, you will find ample parking on side streets, and on Martin Luther King and East Boulevards.  You will see wider sections of the road where you can park on the street right in front of the Garden(s) you are visiting.

Are the Gardens safe?

Yes, they are part of a beautiful park in a beautiful neighborhood.  You will see lots of people walking, riding bikes, jogging, taking photos and visiting the Gardens.  Depending on when you visit, you may see wedding parties, family picnics or members of a particular group sprucing up their garden.

The park closes after sunset.

Can I find information at the Gardens?

The Cleveland Cultural Gardens Federation has an information kiosk on MLK Boulevard, near the midpoint of the Gardens (by the German Garden on the east side of the street).  There you can find a map and other information about the Gardens.

What is the Cleveland Cultural Gardens Federation?

The Cleveland Cultural Gardens Federation (CCGF) is a non-profit, 501c3 organization that represent the interests of all the gardens and acts as a liaison to the city and to partners in University Circle and elsewhere. Its mission is “peace through mutual understanding.”

The CCGF is a membership organization, with the board chosen from among garden delegates.

For decades, CCGF members (i.e., all the gardens) have given their time, talents and treasures to build new gardens and raise funds to improve the gardens with new statues, monuments,  plants and other features.  It’s a labor of love to preserve our city’s cultural heritage.

What will I see in the Cleveland Cultural Gardens?

You will see dozens of international gardens. Each has a sign and a flag of the nation or culture it represents.  The gardens depict notable cultural figures and monuments to significant achievements.

Gardens focus on culture – science, music, art, literature and philosophy – rather than political or military history.  The gardens also feature trees, shrubs and flowers that are native to the particular garden’s home country.  Note that there are several Cultural Gardens that have a presence on both East and MLK Boulevards, with stairways or other paths connecting them.

Are there bathrooms, water, food?

Larger events such as One World Day have plenty of portable restrooms and food and beverage options.  On a normal day you should pack your own food and drink when you visit the Gardens and be aware that restroom facilities are very limited. However, you can use the restrooms in the Rockefeller Greenhouse (at the northern end of East Boulevard). The Greenhouse is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays and Saturdays.

What should I bring when I go to the Cultural Gardens?

Bottled water and/or other food and beverages are a good idea, depending on how long you plan to stay.  Cameras or phones with cameras are a must – the Gardens are very photogenic! Remember, it’s a big park, so wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

What is One World Day?

Every year since 1945, the Cleveland Cultural Gardens Federation has celebrated One World Day in the Gardens.

One World Day is the highlight of CCGF’s year, when all Gardens celebrate together.. Events include a Parade of Flags, a naturalization ceremony, cultural performances, entertainment, gardens exhibitors, authentic diverse ethnic food and more. It is more fun that you can imagine.

Learn more at http://clevelandoneworldday.org

Are there events in the Gardens?

Yes. Many of the individual gardens host yearly events. The Opera in the Italian Garden is one, as is the Liszt Concert in the Hungarian Garden.

Keep up to date with the official events of the Cleveland Cultural Gardens Federation by visiting www.clevelandculturalgardens.org.

How can I help support the Cultural Gardens?

Attend events such as One World Day and visit the Cultural Gardens frequently!  You can also become a Friend of the Cleveland Cultural Gardens (see the tab on this website). Or, you can simply donate anytime.

If you’d like to volunteer for One World Day, or other events the gardens, call 216-220-3075.

Visit Support the Gardens to become a friend of the gardens or make a general donation.