Centennial Peace Plaza

Address: 1051 Martin Luther King Blvd.

Year dedicated: 2020 (virtual)

Sponsoring organization: Cleveland Cultural Gardens Federation

Architect: Berj Shakarian

Design concept: The Peace Plaza is a 300-seat amphitheater to be used for outdoor events. It features a stage with a world map on its floor and a circular surrounding wall. Its entrance way has a large pedestal with a peace medallion on top. The medallion features the Cultural Gardens’ mission statement: “peace through mutual understanding.”

The plaza is situated between the lower levels of the Hungarian and the German Gardens.

The Centennial Peace Plaza will enable the Cleveland Cultural Gardens to offer diverse, multicultural music and dance and other educational and cultural offerings on a regular basis. The plaza also will help us become a more active part of the community surrounding Rockefeller Park and more of a destination spot for our region.

We welcome grassroots support and major donor support for ongoing maintenance of the plaza. We welcome your comments, suggestions and participation at any level. Please contact us with any questions you might have, or make a donation. Thank you.

Contact information: 216-220-3075 or l.ashyk@clevelandculturalgardens.org