Lithuanian Garden

1007 East Blvd, Cleveland, OH 44108
Dedication Date:
October 11, 1936
Roman Zorska, e-mail: (216.905.6764)

Lithuanian Garden
History & Design:

The garden design is in the form of a lyre. It extends from East Blvd to MLK Jr Drive and consists of three levels. The East Blvd level is set off from the lower levels by a beautiful serpentine balustrade.


Fountain of Birutè (died 1382). She was a Grand Duchess of Lithuania and the mother of Grand Duke Vytautas the Great, (1350 – 1430), one of the most famous rulers of medieval Lithuania and revered as a national hero in modern Lithuania. The fountain is located in the center of the East Blvd level between the busts of Kudirka and Maironis.

Dr. Vincas Kudirka (12/31/1858 – 11/16/1899). Kudirka was a physician, poet, writer, critic, translator and the author of the Lithuanian national anthem and its music. He was an editor of a clandestine newspaper, Varpas (the Bell), and was active in the Lithuanian national rebirth. He is regarded in Lithuania as a national hero. His bust is located on the South side of the East Blvd level.

Maironis 11/02/1862 – 06/28/1932). Maironis was a renown romantic poet, Roman Catholic priest, seminary lector and literature professor. He was active in the Lithuanian nation revival which resulted in the re-establishment of the independent Lithuanian State. His bust is located on the North side of the East Blvd level.

Dr. Jonas Basanavičius (11/23/1851 – 02/16/1927). He was named “Patriarch of the Nation” for his very prominent efforts leading to the act of Independence of Lithuania. He is the founder of the first Lithuanian language newspaper and author of forty works on Lithuanian literature, ethnography, folklore, history and linguistics. His bust is located on the middle level in front of the pillars of Gediminas.

Pillars of Gediminas. Trident in shape, the pillars or trident were used as the earliest symbol of Lithuania. Flanking the pillars are the words Lithuanian and Garden, separately framed with Lithuanian folk motif of repeating squares. Gediminas (1275 -1341) was the founder of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, and a dynasty which ruled Lithuania for almost 300 years.

On the lower or MLK Jr. level, note the end of the two dramatic staircases with large plantings between them, the Garden sign and the new flag pole (in addition to the flag on the East Blvd level).