Syrian Garden

1191 Martin Luther King Jr Dr, Cleveland, OH 44108
Raghda Helal and Nagham Nano - Architectural graduate students at Damascus University
Dedication Date:
Sponsoring Organization:

Syrian Cultural Garden Association

History & Design:

The Syrian American community was originally allocated a piece of land for a Cultural Garden in 1929 but its development did not begin until the 2000s.

The concept was to immortalize the rich and diverse history and culture of Syria and its people throughout the ages. Its design was developed by architectural graduate students from Damascus University: Raghda Helal and Nagham Nano.


Elements in the garden are: the Arches of Palmyra, the Amphitheater of Basra, the Syrian Arch and the Arabic Fountain, all decorated with authentic colors. The span of Syrian history is carved on the top surfaces of six pedestal columns, one square meter each. The landscape has Damascene roses.

The garden also includes a bust of famed Syrian poet Nizar Qibanni, by the artist Layla Khoury.

Additional Information:

The Executive Committee of the Garden includes: Adnan Mourany,president , Jamil Dayeh, Layla Khouri, Wael Khoury, Project Chair: Wael Khoury, Co-Chair: Rima Azmeh Akhrass, Chief Engineer: Jamil Dayeh.
The Board: Naim Farhat, Rima Azmeh, Fadi Bashour, Tony George, Maan Fares, Ahmed Ascha, Basel Mousa, Marwan Hilal, Bassam Khawam, Lila Raslan.
Auxiliary Committee: Liliane Azem, Daad Bashour, Lina Bshara, Kinda Farhat, Randa Hilal, Sawssan Khoury, Alma Korkor, Mayssoun Shaar, Mayssoun Tajour.