Russian Garden

730 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Cleveland, OH 44103
James McKnight
Dedication Date:
In Planning
Sponsoring Organization:

Russian Cultural Garden

History & Design:

The Russian Cultural Garden is joining the international family of the Cleveland Cultural Gardens.

Svetlana Stolyarova, Founder and Principal Broker of the Local-n-Global Realty along with Boris Vinogradsky, MD and Sergio Lebid, EVP, Co-Founder at NanoSpire, Inc. have taken the initiative of creating the Russian Cultural Gardens, a non-profit organization that will facilitate the project for the historical Russian Cultural Garden (RCG) located in the most beautiful part of the Rockefeller Park on Martin Luther King Drive.

Russian culture is an inseparable part of the Cleveland cultural melting pot. The goal pursued in the park creation is to recognize the immense contribution to the cultural legacy of America and the world by Russian writers, scientists, musicians, artists and other cultural honoraries. In order to preserve the humanitarian and peaceful spirit of the Cleveland Cultural Gardens, the RCG Board decided to exclude any political, military and religious connotation from the park design and park related activity.

The idea of establishing a Russian Cultural garden has been brewing in the community for many years. Now, this cultural gap is finally being bridged! The selected land (0.7 acre) has received the approval of the Cleveland Cultural Garden Federation’s Board and of the City of Cleveland, and the RCG leaders are now working on the fundraising for the garden development.

The conceptual design of the Russian Cultural Garden was created by Cleveland landscape architect James McKnight and approved by the executive Board of the Cleveland Cultural Gardens Federation and the City of Cleveland. Our Garden now has an official status and location.

Estimated cost of the project is about $1,000,000.00. This translates into just $25 to be donated by 40,000 people who like Russian language, Russian culture and Russian heritage.

And the fundraising journey has begun! You can join people from Cleveland Russian community and beyond who have already donated to the Russian Cultural Garden.