One World Day

One World Day(OWD) 2021 is on! We look forward to seeing you on Sunday, Aug. 29, when we’ll celebrate the 75th anniversary of this great event.

OWD has been the official event of the Cleveland Cultural Gardens since 1946, celebrating over 100 years of Peace Through Mutual Understanding. OWD is Historic, Continuous, Official, the one and only, imitated but never duplicated, Cleveland Cultural Gardens Federation event.

Visitors have the opportunity to visit (eat, drink, learn about, be entertained in, etc.) all the Gardens – not just a few gardens or a small area. The 2021 OWD continues with the success of 2019’s focus in featuring all the gardens as opposed to having a main stage or two.

Learn more on the One World Day event site.

Because of concerns for public safety related to COVID-19, the Cleveland Cultural Gardens Federation cancelled the 2020 One World Day celebration for 2020. We deeply regret having to do this, but public health must come first. We look forward to celebrating our 75th anniversary in 2021 and hope you will be there!

Please enjoy these highlights from 2019:

Main Page including links to other pages:

Parade of Flags – 4 pages starting at

Baltic Way:

Welcome and Naturalization Ceremony at

People Page – who do you recognize?

Slovak Fujara and Storytelling in Children’s Village at

Unveiling of the Yuri Gagarin bust in the Russian Cultural Garden at

Flag-raising ceremony in the Vietnamese Cultural Garden at

Pakistani Garden dhol performance at

Ukrainian banduras at

Gaelic Glen Alpacas at